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Selling your home can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You may have plenty of reasons you want to sell your home. You might have finally saved enough money to buy your dream home or are relocating to another area. No matter your reasons, moving marks the beginning of a significant change in your life, and selling your home plays a crucial role in that transition.

While the idea of selling your home can be exciting, it can be overwhelming at times. Not only do you have to prepare your home for the market, but many homeowners are also searching for a brand-new home while trying to sell their current home. There are so many moving parts, and keeping everything on track as it should be can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there that can make the transition easier. By following these simple guidelines, you can list your property with ease. From finding an agent to determining your home's value, here's everything you need to know about selling a home in Saint Paul.

Preparing your home to sell

Selling your home isn't something you decided to do on a whim. You have probably considered this decision after weeks, or even months, of weighing your options. If you have decided now is the right time to sell your property, you'll want to sell your home as quickly as possible. But before you put up a 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn, there are many steps you need to take to get your home market-ready.

Take inventory of your home. Do you need to sell your property to afford your next home? What are you hoping to get out of the sale of your home? Are you working with a timeline? By asking yourself these important questions, you can stay focused on your goals, bringing you one step closer to selling your home. Here are some of the ways you need to prepare your home before putting it on the market:

Interview real estate agents

As you prepare to list your home, there are many things you will need to coordinate, especially if you are trying to buy a new home simultaneously. By hiring the right real estate agent, you can not only get your home sold, but you can also get a higher profit for your listing. Your realtor is your greatest asset when it comes to selling your home. The agent you choose can make or break the sale, so choosing the right agent for the job is essential.

So what qualities should you look for in a real estate agent? Ideally, you will want to work with an agent who is familiar with your local market, has extensive industry experience, and is a clear communicator. When interviewing potential candidates, ask hard-hitting questions. Your ideal agent should be willing to answer any questions you have for them. Ultimately, you want to work with an agent you feel comfortable with. Once you choose the right agent, the real work begins.

Determine your home’s value

Before you put your house on the market, discuss the list price for your property. How do you know what you should list your home for? If you are working with an experienced agent who is familiar with the local market, they will present you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which highlights recent market activity in your neighborhood.

In the CMA, your agent will take some of the most recent sales in your neighborhood, particularly homes that are similar in age, size, and condition to your home, and show you what those properties sold for. From there, the agent will recommend a list price based on fair market value.

Remember, pricing your home right is essential. While it may be tempting to price your home higher to earn more profit, this can work against you in the long run. You are less likely to attract qualified, enthusiastic buyers if your list price exceeds market value. By sticking with your agent's recommendations, you are more likely to get better offers on your listing.

Upgrades to improve your home’s value

Once you and your agent have agreed on a listing price, take inventory of your home. If the price you and your agent have agreed on works for you, then getting your home ready for market will be easy. If you were hoping to get a higher profit on your home, look around. What are some of the projects you can do that will add value to your home? Maybe you have left several projects unfinished over the years, or you want to tackle a minor renovation project before listing. Home updates can positively impact your listing, no matter the project's scale.

However, you don't have to spend a small fortune to make your home showroom-worthy. Simple projects like updating light fixtures or adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls can significantly impact the space. If you want to command a higher list price for your listing, complete projects that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. If you live in a historic home, start with the floors. You can get up to a 147% return on investment by refinishing your hardwood floors. Other home improvement projects that command a high ROI include bathroom renovations and minor kitchen upgrades.

Selling your home

Getting your home sold doesn’t happen by accident. It takes many weeks of careful thought and planning. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, you need a foolproof plan that will get your home sold fast. By following these foolproof steps, you will successfully sell your home.

The bottom line on selling a home in Saint Paul

Are you considering selling your Saint Paul home? If you're ready to move on to the next stage of your life, you will need a local expert by your side who will help get your home ready for listing. As one of the top-producing agents in the Crocus Hill area, Sally English is your trusted resource in Saint Paul real estate. Contact Sally today for your free home valuation. Sally will help you get top dollar for your Saint Paul property.


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