When is The Best Time To Sell A House?

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When you decide to sell your home, it might be tempting to get your house on the market as soon as possible. However, the truth is that there are some strategic decisions you can make to help ensure you maximize your chances of making the sale. Timing your sale right is a huge factor, and it can be the difference between fetching an amazing price and ending up with a disappointing one. Selling your home at the wrong time can result in it sitting on the market for a while, hurting the quality of your offers. On the other hand, getting your house on the market at the perfect time can attract serious buyers who are ready to close a sale quickly (and at a great price!). So, when is the best time to sell your home? Keep reading to learn more about the many factors that can make or break a sale!

Spring and summer sales

Many people consider spring a time of renewal and growth, but did you know it’s also considered an ideal time to put your house on the market? As the sun starts shining and the birds start chirping, buyers start searching for their dream home, making it one of the best times to sell your home. The warmer days are ideal for open houses, and blooming flowers and trees in a front yard can improve curb appeal by making a home look welcoming and inviting.

Summer is another great time for home selling. Data shows that 31% of home buyers have children under 18, and families with children may be more likely to try to close on a home and get moved in before a new school year starts in the fall. And if your home has any newly remodeled outdoor features (such as a pool, jacuzzi, patio, garden, yard, or porch,) the steamy summer weather can make those features truly shine.

Though spring and summer have plenty of perks, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. These highly popular seasons for selling can create high competition, and with so many options for buyers to choose from, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd, meaning you might have to lower your ideal sale price to stay competitive in the market. Summer can also mean vacation time for many families, meaning that some buyers might not want to search for homes until after they return from their long summer vacations. Lastly, if you live in an area where summers get hot and muggy, the weather can actually backfire, causing buyers to retreat indoors where it’s cool and comfortable rather than venture out into the heat to attend your open house. A real estate professional like Sally English can help you mitigate these challenges and ensure that you get your property’s worth.

Fall and winter sales

As the weather starts to grow colder, the real estate market tends to wane, and if you are trying to sell your home during the fall and winter seasons, you might face some challenges. Buyers aren’t as willing to brave the weather and attend open houses. Additionally, many people are quite busy during the holiday season, making it an unpopular time to buy and move into a new place. Of course, you should consider your region and its specific climate…in warmer, more moderate parts of the United States, seasonality might not play as big of a role, while other areas with more volatility might see larger differences. Studies show that in some places, the winter season makes only half the amount of sales as the peak summer season. For example, a buyer looking at homes for sale in St. Paul, Minnesota, will face much more unpleasant conditions than a buyer in Florida or California.

However, there are some positives to consider as well. For example, there’s a chance that some buyers might want to lock in their home in the fall before winter rolls in, motivating them to buy quickly. There’s also significantly less competition during these colder months, making it easier to make your home stand out. Not to mention, many buyers don’t have the luxury of waiting around until spring…if they need a home fast, the lack of competition will ensure that your home stands out.

Consider your personal life

It’s important to remember that while the real estate market can be a significant driving factor in choosing when to sell your home, many personal factors are important to consider. If you are relocating for work and have a pre-determined timeline for moving, you might not have the luxury of waiting for spring or summer, and to avoid paying for two properties at once, it might be a good choice to get your house on the market as soon as possible. In the same vein, consider your family. Do you have school-age children? Choosing to time your home sale to be less disruptive for them might be a good consideration.

It's also crucial to consider your personal finances. The decision to sell a house is a big one, and you’ll want to take a look at your monetary situation to determine what is the right time for you. Selling a home can come with closing costs, such as agent commissions, attorney fees, title insurance, and transfer taxes. Make sure you factor these costs into your financial planning. You’ll also want to consider whether you are in a good financial situation to move since moving can be expensive. Evaluate your expenses, debts, savings, and investments. While selling your home can be a great way to free up cash, you’ll want to be sure you time it right so that it helps your financial situation rather than hurting it.

Key takeaways

Overall, it’s essential to remember that when selling your home, the season can impact the demand for properties and affect how quickly (and at what price) your home sells. Remember that typically, there’s increased activity in the housing market during the warmer months, while colder months possibly lead to slower sales. However, local factors like regional climate, job opportunities, school schedules, and your personal finances may impact the decision as well.

Ultimately, it's best to consult with a knowledgeable real estate agent, as they have expertise and experience that will help you determine the best time to sell in your area. Contact real estate agent Sally English for guidance to ensure a smooth and more profitable home sale experience.


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